745 ILCS 5. State Lawsuit Immunity Act.
745 ILCS 10. Local Governmental and Governmental Employees Tort Immunity Act.
Article I. General Provisions
Part 1. Short Title, Construction And Application Of The Act
Part 2. General Definitions
Article II. General Provisions Relating To Immunity
Part 1. Immunity Of Local Public Entities
Part 2. Immunity Of Public Employees
Part 3. Indemnification Of Public Employees
Article III. Immunity From Liability For Injury Occurring In The Use Of Public Property
Article IV. Police And Correctional Activities
Article V. Fire Protection And Rescue Services
Article VI. Medical, Hospital And Public Health Activities
Article VIA. Public And Community Service Programs
Article VII. Tort Liability Under Agreements Between Local Public Entities
Article VIII. Actions Against Local Public Entities And Public Employees--Limitations, Notice
Article IX. Payment Of Claims And Judgment
Article X. Repealer; Effective Date
745 ILCS 15. County Engineer and Highway Superintendent Liability Act.
745 ILCS 19. Public and Appellate Defender Immunity Act.
745 ILCS 20. Law Enforcement Emergency Care Act. (Repealed by P.A. 89-607)
745 ILCS 22. Federal Law Enforcement Officer Immunity Act.
745 ILCS 25. Tort Liability of Schools Act.
745 ILCS 30. Abortion Performance Refusal Act.
745 ILCS 35. Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Intervenor and Reporter Immunity Law.
745 ILCS 38. Baseball Facility Liability Act.
745 ILCS 40. Blood and Organ Transaction Liability Act.
745 ILCS 41. Bowling Center Act.
745 ILCS 43. Illinois Commonsense Consumption Act.
745 ILCS 45. Communicable Disease Report Act.
745 ILCS 46. Employment Record Disclosure Act.
745 ILCS 47. Equine Activity Liability Act.
745 ILCS 48. Illinois Financial Institutions Year 2000 Safety and Soundness Act.
745 ILCS 49. Good Samaritan Act.
745 ILCS 50. Good Samaritan Food Donor Act.
745 ILCS 51. Good Samaritan Medical Equipment Donor Act.
745 ILCS 52. Hockey Facility Liability Act.
745 ILCS 54. Interscholastic Association Defamation Act.
745 ILCS 55. Long-term Care Peer Review and Quality Assessment and Assurance Protection Act.
745 ILCS 60. Real Estate Investment Trust Act.
745 ILCS 65. Recreational Use of Land and Water Areas Act.
745 ILCS 67. State of Illinois Recreational Use of Leased Land Act.
745 ILCS 70. Health Care Right of Conscience Act.
745 ILCS 72. Roller Skating Rink Safety Act.
745 ILCS 75. Snow and Ice Removal Act.
745 ILCS 80. Sports Volunteer Immunity Act.