725 ILCS 5. Code of Criminal Procedure of 1963.
Title I. General Provisions
Article 100. Title And Scope
Article 101. General Purposes
Article 102. General Definitions
Article 103. Rights Of Accused
Article 104. Fitness For Trial, To Plead Or To Be Sentenced
Article 106. Witness - Immunity
Article 106B. Child and Developmentally Disabled Victims of Sexual Abuse
Article 106C. [Repealed]
Article 106D. Closed Circuit Television Testimony
Article 106E. Task Force on Professional Practice in the Illinois Justice Systems (Repealed Internally, Eff. 12-31-00.)
Title II. Apprehension And Investigation
Article 107. Arrest
Article 107A. Lineup and Photo Spread Procedure
Article 108. Search And Seizure
Article 108A. Judicial Supervision Of The Use Of Eavesdropping Devices
Article 108B. Electronic Criminal Surveillance
Title III. Proceedings After Arrest
Article 109. Preliminary Examination
Article 110. Bail
Article 110A. Peace Bonds
Title IV. Proceedings To Commence Prosecution
Article 111. Charging An Offense
Article 112. Grand Jury
Article 112A. Domestic Violence: Order Of Protection
Title V. Proceedings Prior To Trial
Article 113. Arraignment
Article 114. Pre-Trial Motions
Title VI. Proceedings At Trial
Article 115. Trial
Article 116. Post-Trial Motions
Article 119. Execution Of Sentence
Article 121. Appeal By Defendant
Article 122. Post-Conviction Hearing
Title VIII. Miscellaneous
Article 124A. Liens And Costs
Article 124B. Forfeiture
Part 5. General Provisions
Part 100. Standard Forfeiture Provisions
Part 300. Forfeiture; Involuntary Servitude and Trafficking in Persons
Part 400. Obscenity
Part 500. Other Sex Offenses
Part 600. Computer Crime
Part 700. WIC Fraud
Part 800. Terrorism
Part 900. Animals
Part 1000. Unlawful Telecommunications Device
Article 125. Construction And Effective Date
Article 126. Repeal
725 ILCS 105. State Appellate Defender Act.
725 ILCS 110. Arrest and Conviction of Out of State Murderers Act.
725 ILCS 115. Bill of Rights for Children.
725 ILCS 120. Rights of Crime Victims and Witnesses Act.
725 ILCS 124. Capital Crimes Litigation Act. (Repealed by P.A. 96-1543)
725 ILCS 125. Criminal Jurisprudence Act. (Indictments and Witnesses) (Repealed by P.A. 89-234)
725 ILCS 130. Criminal Jurisprudence Act. (Criminal Costs and Lien) (Repealed by P.A. 89-234)
725 ILCS 135. Criminal Jurisprudence Act. (Criminal Breach of Peace) (Repealed by P.A. 89-234)
725 ILCS 140. Criminal Proceeding Interpreter Act.
725 ILCS 145. Criminal Victims' Asset Discovery Act.
725 ILCS 150. Drug Asset Forfeiture Procedure Act.
725 ILCS 155. Federal Prisoner Production Expense Act.
725 ILCS 160. Fines Paid to Societies Act.
725 ILCS 165. Firearm Seizure Act.
725 ILCS 167. Freedom from Drone Surveillance Act.
725 ILCS 168. Freedom From Location Surveillance Act.
725 ILCS 170. Fugitive Apprehension Reward Act.
725 ILCS 172. Gang Crime Witness Protection Act. (Repealed by P.A. 93-257)
725 ILCS 173. Gang Crime Witness Protection Act of 2013.
725 ILCS 175. Narcotics Profit Forfeiture Act.
725 ILCS 180. Park Ordinance Violation Procedure Act.
725 ILCS 185. Pretrial Services Act.
725 ILCS 190. Privacy of Child Victims of Criminal Sexual Offenses Act.
725 ILCS 195. Quasi-criminal and Misdemeanor Bail Act.
725 ILCS 200. Sex Offense Victim Polygraph Act.
725 ILCS 202. Sexual Assault Evidence Submission Act.
725 ILCS 205. Sexually Dangerous Persons Act.
Article 105. Sexually Dangerous Persons
725 ILCS 207. Sexually Violent Persons Commitment Act.
725 ILCS 210. State's Attorneys Appellate Prosecutor's Act.
725 ILCS 215. Statewide Grand Jury Act.
725 ILCS 220. Uniform Act to Secure the Attendance of Witnesses from Within or Without a State in Criminal Proceedings.
725 ILCS 225. Uniform Criminal Extradition Act.
725 ILCS 230. Uniform Rendition of Accused Persons Act.
725 ILCS 235. Uniform Rendition of Prisoners as Witnesses in Criminal Proceedings Act.
725 ILCS 240. Violent Crime Victims Assistance Act.
725 ILCS 245. Witness Protection Act.