405 ILCS 5. Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Code.
CHAPTER I. Short Title And Definitions
CHAPTER II. Rights Of Recipients Of Mental Health And Developmental Disabilities Services
CHAPTER III. Admission, Transfer And Discharge Procedures For The Mentally Ill
CHAPTER IV. Admission, Transfer, And Discharge Procedures For The Developmentally Disabled
CHAPTER V. General Provisions
CHAPTER VI. Miscellaneous Provisions
405 ILCS 10. Uniform Act for the Extradition of Persons of Unsound Mind.
405 ILCS 15. Mental Treatment for Incarcerated Persons Act.
405 ILCS 20. Community Mental Health Act.
405 ILCS 22. Community Mental Health Services Act.
405 ILCS 25. Specialized Living Centers Act.
405 ILCS 30. Community Services Act.
405 ILCS 35. Community Support Systems Act.
405 ILCS 40. Protection and Advocacy for Developmentally Disabled Persons Act.
405 ILCS 45. Protection and Advocacy for Mentally Ill Persons Act.
405 ILCS 49. Children's Mental Health Act of 2003.
405 ILCS 50. Mental Illness Services Pilot Project Act. (Repealed by P.A. 92-111)
405 ILCS 55. Mental Health Patient Travel Act.
405 ILCS 60. Community Mental Health Task Force Act. (Repealed by P.A. 92-111)
405 ILCS 70. Community Mental Health Equity Funding Act. (Repealed by P.A. 92-111)
405 ILCS 75. Mental Health Hispanic Interpreter Act.
405 ILCS 80. Developmental Disability and Mental Disability Services Act.
Article I. [Repealed]
Article II.
Article III.
Article IV.
Article V.
Article VI. Community Residential Choices Program
Article X. Workforce Task Force for Persons with Disabilities
Article XI. Developmental Disabilities Regulatory Advisory Board
405 ILCS 82. Developmental Disability and Mental Health Safety Act (aka Brian's Law).
405 ILCS 85. Home Environment Living Program Act.
405 ILCS 90. Health Care Workplace Violence Prevention Act.
405 ILCS 95. Perinatal Mental Health Disorders Prevention and Treatment Act.
405 ILCS 100. Psychiatry Practice Incentive Act.
405 ILCS 105. Illinois Mental Health First Aid Training Act.