220 ILCS 5. Public Utilities Act.
Article I. Title And Purpose
Article II. Illinois Commerce Commission
Article III. Definitions
Article IV. General Powers And Duties Of Commission - Intergovernmental Cooperation - Construction
Article V. Duties Of Public Utilities - Accounts And Reports
Article VI. Capitalization
Article VII. Intercorporate Relations
Article VIII. Service Obligations And Conditions
Article IX. Rates
Article X. Proceedings Before The Commission And The Courts
Article XI. Office of Public Counsel (Repealed By P.A. 91-798, Eff. 7-9-00)
Article XIII. Telecommunications
Article XIV. Local Transit Commissions
Article XV. Common Carriers By Pipeline
Article XVI. Electric Service Customer Choice And Rate Relief Law Of 1997
Article XVII. Electric Cooperatives And Municipal Systems
Article XVIII. Electric Utility Transitional Funding Law
Article XIX. Alternative Gas Supplier Law
Article XX. Retail Electric Competition
Article XXI. Cable and Video Competition
Article XXII. Cable and Video Customer Protection Law
Article 70. Cable and Video Customer Protection Law [Renumbered]
220 ILCS 10. Citizens Utility Board Act.
220 ILCS 15. Gas Storage Act.
220 ILCS 20. Illinois Gas Pipeline Safety Act.
220 ILCS 25. Gas Transmission Facilities Act.
220 ILCS 30. Electric Supplier Act.
220 ILCS 35. Small Business Utility Deposit Relief Act.
220 ILCS 40. Small Business Utility Advocate Act.
220 ILCS 45. Telecommunications Facility Fire and Emergency Act.
220 ILCS 50. Illinois Underground Utility Facilities Damage Prevention Act.
220 ILCS 55. Telegraph Act.
220 ILCS 60. Telephone Line Right of Way Act.
220 ILCS 65. Telephone Company Act.
220 ILCS 66. Party Line Emergency Act.
220 ILCS 70. Crossing of Railroad Right-of-way Act.
220 ILCS 75. Carbon Dioxide Transportation and Sequestration Act.