105 ILCS 5. School Code.
Article 1. Short Title - Construction - Definitions
Article 1A. State Board Of Education
Article 1B. School District Financial Oversight Panel And Emergency Financial Assistance
Article 1C. Block Grants
Article 1D. Block Grants For Districts With Over 500,000 Inhabitants
Article 1E. Downstate School Finance Authority
Article 1F. Downstate School Finance Authority for Elementary Districts
Article 1G. Mathematics and Science; Block Grant Program
Article 1H. Financial Oversight Panels
Article 2. State Board of Education - Powers and Duties
Article 3. Regional Superintendent of Schools
Article 3A. Educational Service Regions
Article 4. Duties of County Board
Article 5. Trustees of Schools
Article 6. Regional Board of School Trustees
Article 7. Boundary Change
Article 7A. Unit School District Conversion in Districts With Not More Than 250 Students In Grades 9 Through 12 [Repealed]
Article 7C. Transfer Of High School District Territory [Repealed]
Article 8. Treasurers
Article 9. Elections
Article 10. School Boards
Article 11A. Unit School District Formation [Repealed]
Article 11B. School District Combination [Repealed]
Article 11C. Accounting Procedures
Article 11D. School District Conversion [Repealed]
Article 11E. Conversion and Formation of School Districts
Article 12. High School Districts--Nonhigh School Districts--Community High School Districts
Non-High School Districts
Article 13. Schools For Designated Purposes
Continuation Schools
Parental Schools
Junior High Schools
Junior Colleges
County Normal Schools
Department of Juvenile Justice School District
Article 13A. Alternative Public Schools
Article 13B. Alternative Learning Opportunities
Article 14. Children with Disabilities
Article 14A. Gifted and Talented Children
Article 14B. Educationally Disadvantaged Children [Repealed]
Article 14C. Transitional Bilingual Education
Article 15. Common School Lands
Article 16. Gifts--Use Of Sites--Playgrounds
Article 17. Budgets--Tax Rates--Tax Warrants
Article 18. Common School Fund
Article 19. Debt Limitation - Bonds - Territory Liable - Refunding Bonds
Debt Limitation
Refunding Surplus After Bonds Paid
Refunding Bonds
Refunding Surplus After Bonds Paid
Article 19a. Revenue Bonds For Exhibition Facilities
Article 19b. School Energy Conservation And Saving Measures
Article 20. Working Cash Fund
Article 21. Certification Of Teachers
Article 21A. New Teacher Induction and Mentoring
Article 21B. Educator Licensure
Article 22. General Provisions--Penalties--Liabilities
Article 23. School Board Associations
Article 24. Employment of Teachers--Tenure--Duties of Teachers
Article 24A. Evaluation of Certified Employees
Article 26. Pupils--Compulsory Attendance
Article 27. Courses of Study--Special Instruction
Nuclear Energy Education Act [Repealed]
Article 27A. Charter Schools
Article 28. Instructional Materials
Article 28A. Education Purchasing Program
Article 29. Transportation
Article 30. Scholarships
Higher Education Student Assistance Law
Article 31. Fraternities--Sororities
Article 32. Special Charter Districts
Article 33. Districts From 100,000 To Not More Than 500,000 Inhabitants
Article 34. Cities Of Over 500,000 Inhabitants - Board Of Education
Bonds and Tax Anticipation Warrants
Working Cash Fund
Budget and Appropriations
Teachers--Employment and Retirement
School Action and Facility Master Planning
Article 34A. School Finance Authority
Article 34B. Bridge Note Statute [Repealed]
Article 35. Buildings--School Building Commission [Repealed]
Article 36. Repeal - Saving
105 ILCS 10. Illinois School Student Records Act.
105 ILCS 13. P-20 Longitudinal Education Data System Act.
105 ILCS 15. Surplus Federal Property for Schools Act.
105 ILCS 20. Silent Reflection and Student Prayer Act.
105 ILCS 25. Interscholastic Athletic Organization Act.
105 ILCS 30. Illinois Peace Corps Fellowship Program Law.
105 ILCS 35. Children and Family Community Protection Act.
105 ILCS 40. Illinois Distance Learning Foundation Act.
105 ILCS 45. Education for Homeless Children Act.
Article 1.
Article 2.
Article 3.
105 ILCS 50. Voting by Minors Act.
105 ILCS 55. School Employee Benefit Act. (Repealed by P.A. 98-44)
105 ILCS 60. Community Service Education Act.
105 ILCS 65. Children's Low-cost Laptop Act. (Repealed by P.A. 96-421)
105 ILCS 70. Educational Opportunity for Military Children Act.
105 ILCS 75. Right to Privacy in the School Setting Act.
105 ILCS 105. Asbestos Abatement Act.
105 ILCS 110. Critical Health Problems and Comprehensive Health Education Act.
105 ILCS 112. Dissection Alternatives Act.
105 ILCS 115. Eye Protection in School Act.
105 ILCS 120. Fire Drill Act. (Repealed by P.A. 94-600)
105 ILCS 124. Farm Fresh Schools Program Act.
105 ILCS 125. School Breakfast and Lunch Program Act.
105 ILCS 126. Childhood Hunger Relief Act.
105 ILCS 127. School Reporting of Drug Violations Act.
105 ILCS 128. School Safety Drill Act.
105 ILCS 129. School Health Center Act.
105 ILCS 130. Sex Education Act. (Repealed by P.A. 96-734)
105 ILCS 135. Toxic Art Supplies in Schools Act.
105 ILCS 140. Green Cleaning Schools Act.
105 ILCS 145. Care of Students with Diabetes Act.
105 ILCS 205. School District Educational Effectiveness and Fiscal Efficiency Act. (Repealed by P.A. 94-1105)
105 ILCS 210. School Bus Performance Bond Act.
105 ILCS 215. Chicago Community Schools Study Commission Act. (Repealed by P.A. 98-739)
105 ILCS 220. 1985 School District Reorganization Act. (Repealed by P.A. 90-372, eff. 7-1-98)
105 ILCS 225. Education Cost-Effectiveness Agenda Act. (Repealed by P.A. 98-739)
105 ILCS 230. School Construction Law.
Article 5.
Article 10. (Amendatory Provisions; Text Omitted)
Article 15. (This Article Is Compiled At 105 ILCS 235/)
Article 925.
Article 950.
Article 990.
105 ILCS 235. State Aid Continuing Appropriation Law. (Repealed by P.A. 92-597)
105 ILCS 240. School District Intergovernmental Cooperation Renewable Energy Act.
105 ILCS 302. College and Career Success for All Students Act.
105 ILCS 305. Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy Law.
105 ILCS 310. Illinois Summer School for the Arts Act.
105 ILCS 405. Adult Education Act.
Article I. Short Title; Construction Transfer Of Powers And Duties
Article II. Illinois Community College Board
Article III. Apportionment
Article IV. Hard Core Dropouts
105 ILCS 410. Adult Education Reporting Act.
105 ILCS 415. Conservation Education Act. (Repealed by P.A. 98-739)
105 ILCS 420. Council on Vocational Education Act. (Repealed by P.A. 95-793)
105 ILCS 423. Occupational Skill Standards Act. (Repealed by P.A. 95-793)
105 ILCS 425. Private Business and Vocational Schools Act. (Repealed by P.A. 97-650)
105 ILCS 426. Private Business and Vocational Schools Act of 2012.
105 ILCS 430. Recognized Normal School Act. (Repealed by P.A. 96-734)
105 ILCS 433. Vocational Academies Act.
105 ILCS 435. Vocational Education Act.
105 ILCS 505. Education Ballot and Bond Validation Act.
105 ILCS 510. School Election Validation (1965) Act.
105 ILCS 515. School Tax Rate Validation (1967) Act.
105 ILCS 520. School Tax Rate Validation (1968) Act.
105 ILCS 525. School Tax Rate Validation (1969) Act.
105 ILCS 530. School Election Validation (1970) Act.
105 ILCS 535. Municipal and School Tax Levy Validation Act.
105 ILCS 540. School District Validation (1971) Act.
105 ILCS 545. School District Validation (1975) Act.
105 ILCS 550. School District Validation (1988) Act.
105 ILCS 555. School District Validation (1995) Act.
105 ILCS 560. School District Validation (2001) Act.