65 ILCS 5. Illinois Municipal Code.
Article 1. General Provisions
Division 1. Short Title, Definitions, Scope Of Code, Grant Of Certain Powers
Division 2. Ordinances
Division 2.1. Administrative Adjudications
Division 2.2. Code Hearing Departments
Division 3. Incorporation By Reference Of Certain Construction Regulations
Division 4. Actions Against and Liabilities Of Municipalities
Division 5. Taxpayer Suits
Division 6. Competency of Municipal Inhabitants to Serve as Judge or Juror (Heading Amended By P.A. 79-1361)
Division 7. Census Provisions
Division 8. Membership In Illinois Municipal League
Division 9. Cumulative Effect, Savings Clauses, Repeal, Other Provisions
Article 2. Organization Of Municipalities
Division 1. General Provisions
Division 2. Incorporation Of Cities
Division 3. Incorporation Of Villages
Division 4. Changing Name
Article 3. Officers (Repealed By P.A. 87-1119)
Article 3.1. Officers
Division 5. Application Of Article
Division 10. General Provisions
Division 15. Elected Officers Generally
Division 20. Elected City Officers
Division 25. Elected Village and Incorporated Town Officers
Division 30. Appointed Officers In All Municipalities
Division 35. Functions and Duties Of Certain Municipal Officers
Division 40. City Council
Division 45. Board Of Trustees
Division 50. Compensation
Division 55. Miscellaneous Provisions
Article 4. Commission Form Government
Division 1. General Provisions
Division 2. Organization
Division 3. Election Of Officers
Division 4. Oaths and Bonds
Division 5. Functions and Duties Of Council And Officers
Division 6. Compensation Of Officers
Division 8. Penalties
Division 9. Miscellaneous Provisions
Division 10. Abandonment Of Commission Form
Article 5. Managerial Form Of Municipal Government
Division 1. General Adoption Procedures
Division 2. Election Of Officers
Division 3. Functions and Duties Of Officers
Division 4. Compensation
Division 5. Abandonment Of Managerial Form
Article 6. Strong Mayor Form Government
Division 1. General Provisions
Division 2. Organization
Division 3. Election Of Officers
Division 4. Functions and Duties Of Mayor, Council And Officers
Division 5. Compensation
Article 7. Territory
Division 1. Annexation
Division 2. Union Of Contiguous Municipalities
Division 3. Disconnection
Division 4. Territorial Jurisdiction
Division 5. Change Of Site
Division 6. Dissolution
Division 7. Consolidations
Article 8. Finance
Division 1. General Provisions
Division 2. Annual Appropriation Ordinances
Division 3. Levy and Collection Of Taxes
Division 4. Issuance Of Bonds
Division 4.1. Municipal Bond Reform Act
Division 5. Debt Limits In Municipalities Of Less Than 500,000
Division 6. Working Cash Fund In Municipalities Of 500,000 Of More
Division 7. Working Cash Fund In Municipalities Of Less Than 500,000
Division 8. Audit Of Accounts
Division 9. Purchasing and Public Works Contracts In Municipalities Of Less Than 500,000
Division 10. Purchasing and Public Works Contracts In Cities Of More Than 500,000
Division 11. Certain Revenue Taxes
Division 12. Financially Distressed City Law
Article 9. Local Improvements
Division 1. Provisions Generally Applicable
Division 2. Local Improvement Procedures Restricted To Certain Municipalities
Division 3. Procedures For Specified Local Improvements
Division 4. Improvements Affecting Property Not Within Municipality
Division 5. Financing Of Certain Improvements
Article 10. Employees And Employment
Division 1. Civil Service In Cities
Division 2.1. Board Of Fire and Police Commissioners
Division 3. Hours, Wages and Working Conditions Of Policemen And Firemen
Division 4. General Corporate Powers Respecting Employment
Division 5. Insurance For Volunteer Firemen
Article 11. Corporate Powers and Functions
Art 11 prec Div 1. Public Health, Safety and Welfare; Police Protection And Public Order
Division 1. Police Protection and Tax
Division 3. Penal Institutions--General Powers
Division 4. Houses of Correction and Farm Colonies
Division 5. Public Order Regulations
Division 5.1. Coordinator Of Federal and State Aid
Division 5.2. Grants to Community Action Agencies
Division 5.3. Emergency Telephone Systems
Art 11 prec Div 6. Fire Protection
Division 6. Fire Departments and Protection
Division 7. Fire Protection Tax--Cities and Villages Of Less Than 500,000
Division 8. Fire Safety Regulations
Division 9. Fire Inspection in Municipalities of 500,000 or More
Division 10. Foreign Fire Insurance; Company Fees
Art 11 prec Div 11. Planning, Zoning and Urban Rehabilitation
Division 11. Urban Rehabilitation
Division 11.1. Fair Housing
Division 11.2. Improvement of Group Relations
Division 12. Plan Commissions
Division 12.1. Revenue Bonds for Conservation Plan Areas
Division 13. Zoning
Division 14. Set-Back Lines
Division 15. Approval of Maps And Plats
Division 15.1. Annexation Agreements
Division 15.2. Annexation; Drainage Districts
Division 15.3. Wind Farms
Art 11 prec Div 16. Health Regulations
Division 16. Health Boards - General
Division 17. Health Boards in Municipalities of From 100,000 to 200,000
Division 18. Community Nurses in Municipalities Of From 5,000 To 100,000
Division 19. Disposal of Refuse, Garbage and Ashes
Division 19.1. Air Contamination Control
Division 19.2. Sanitation Code Violations
Division 20. Food, Water, Disease, Other Regulations
Division 21. Public Comfort Stations In Municipalities Of Less Than 100,000
Division 21.5. Local Emergency Energy Plans
Art 11 prec Div 22. Hospitals and Sanitariums
Division 22. General Powers Over Hospitals, Sanitariums and Undertaking Parlors
Division 23. Hospitals in Cities of Less Than 100,000
Division 24. Improvement of Certain Hospitals in Cities of Less Than 100,000
Division 25. Contagious Disease Hospitals In Cities Of 500,000 Or More
Division 26. Maternity Hospitals In Municipalities Of 500,000 Or More
Division 27. Contributions to Non-Sectarian Hospitals By Cities
Division 28. Eminent Domain to Obtain City Hospital Site
Division 29. City and Village Tuberculosis Sanitariums
Division 29.1. Care of Mentally Deficient Persons
Division 29.2. Contracts with Community Mental Health Board
Division 29.3. Senior Citizen Housing
Art 11 prec Div 30. Control Over Building and Construction
Division 30. General Regulatory Powers
Division 31. Unsafe Property
Division 31.1. Building Code Violations
Division 32. Regulation of Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Installations
Division 33. Registration of Electrical Contractors
Division 34. Steam Boiler Inspection and Operator Licensing
Division 35. Board of Plumbing Examiners in Municipalities Of 500,000 Or More
Division 36. Licensing of Mason Contractors in Municipalities of 500,000 or More
Division 37. Inspection of Electrical Equipment
Division 38. Inspection of Lodging House Plans
Division 39. Recording of Building Permits
Division 39.1. Community Planning and Development
Art 11 prec Div 40. Vehicles
Division 40. Speed, Safety and Disposition Of Vehicles
Division 41. Regulation in Special Charter Municipalities
Art 11 prec Div 42. Powers Over Certain Businesses
Division 42. Powers Over Certain Businesses
Division 42.1. Public Contracts
Art 11 prec Div 43. General Assistance
Division 43. General Assistance Tax and Administration
Art 11 prec Div 44. Boats and Harbors
Division 44. Boats and Harbor Control
Art 11 prec Div 45. Cultural Activities
Division 45. Municipal Band and Performing Arts
Division 45.1. Cultural Centers
Division 46. Art Commissions
Division 47. Promotion of Historical Research
Division 48. Preservation of Historical Documents
Division 48.2. Preservation of Historical and Other Special Areas
Division 48.3. Municipal Zoo Authorities
Art 11 prec Div 49. Cemeteries
Division 49. General Cemetery Power and Tax For Rehabilitation
Division 50. Tax For Restoration of Neglected Cemeteries
Division 51. Removal Of Cemeteries
Division 52. Control and Maintenance of Public Graveyards
Division 52.1. Regulation and Establishment of Cemeteries
Division 52.2. Perpetual Cemetery Trusts
Art 11 prec Div 53. Weights and Measures
Division 53. Inspection and Use of Weights and Measures
Art 11 prec Div 54. Athletic Contests and Other Amusements
Division 54. Athletic Contests and Exhibitions For Gain
Division 54.1. Carnivals
Art 11 prec Div 55. Coin Operated Devices
Division 55. Tax on Coin Operated Devices
Art 11 prec Div 56. Oil and Gas
Division 56. Oil and Gas Permits
Art 11 prec Div 57. Railroad Safety
Division 57. General Railroad Safety Regulations
Division 58. Railroad Grade Separation Tax
Art 11 prec Div 59. Continuity of Government
Division 59. Continuity of Government in Case of Enemy Attack
Art 11 prec Div 60. General Powers - Licensing and Nuisances
Division 60. Issuing Licenses and Abating Nuisances
Art 11 prec Div 61. Public Works, Buildings and Property; Eminent Domain and Public Works - General
Division 61. General Eminent Domain Power and Power To Purchase On Contract
Art 11 prec Div 62. Public Buildings
Division 62. General Power to Erect and Care for Public Buildings
Division 62.1. Providing for Court Rooms
Division 63. Community Buildings and Gymnasiums
Division 64. Bonds for Municipal Buildings
Division 65. Municipal Convention Halls
Division 66. Coliseums in Cities and Villages of Less Than 500,000
Division 67. Coliseums in Municipalities of 75,000 or Less
Division 68. Stadiums and Athletic Fields In Cities
Division 69. Joint Ownership of Municipal Buildings
Division 70. Tax for Restoration of Public Buildings Damaged by Storm Or Fire
Art 11 prec Div 71. Parking Facilities
Division 71. Off-Street Parking
Art 11 prec Div 72. Trees and Forestry
Division 72. Planting of Trees
Division 73. Forestry Program and Tax
Division 73.1. Municipal and Joint Municipal Tree Planting Programs
Art 11 prec Div 74. Procurement Of Industrial Buildings
Division 74. Industrial Project Revenue Bond Act
Division 74.1. Acquiring Land For Industrial Purposes
Art 11 prec Div 74.2. Commercial Blight Areas
Division 74.2. Commercial Renewal and Redevelopment Areas
Division 74.3. Business District Development and Redevelopment
Division 74.4. Tax Increment Allocation Redevelopment Act
Division 74.5. Municipal Housing Finance Law
Division 74.6. Industrial Jobs Recovery Law
Art 11 prec Div 75. Lease, Sale and Transfer Of Public Property
Division 75. Lease of Space Around Municipal Buildings
Division 76. Sale or Lease of Real or Personal Property
Division 76.1. Purchase or Lease of Real or Personal Property
Division 76.2. Exchange of Real Estate
Division 77. Leases With State and Federal Governments
Division 78. Leasing Property For School Purposes
Division 79. Public Building Commission Leases
Art 11 prec Div 80. Streets and Public Ways
Division 80. General Powers Over Streets and Public Ways
Division 81. Street and Bridge Tax
Division 82. Cost of Oiling Streets
Division 83. Resurfacing Streets By Special Assessment
Division 84. Sidewalk Construction and Repair
Division 85. Certain Joint Municipal and Township Construction Projects
Division 86. Municipal and Park Relationship; Concerning Streets
Division 87. Re-Locating Water Courses
Division 88. Grant to Public Authority for Local Transportation
Division 89. Terminable Local Transportation Permits
Division 90. Street Railways
Division 91. Vacating of Streets and Alleys
Division 91.1. Persons Displaced by Federal Aid System of Streets and Highways
Division 91.2. Jurisdiction Over Roads By Agreement
Art 11 prec Div 92. Recreational Facilities
Division 92. Harbors for Recreational Use
Division 93. Power to Acquire Piers and Beaches
Division 94. Swimming Pool, Artificial Ice Skating Rink and Golf Course Revenue Bonds
Division 95. Recreation Systems
Division 96. Joint Property of Municipalities and Park Districts
Division 97. Pleasure Driveways
Division 98. Parks in Cities and Villages of Less Than 50,000
Division 99. Parks and Boulevards in Cities From 5,000 To 100,000
Division 100. Parks in Cities of Less Than 15,000 Inhabitants
Art 11 prec Div 101. Airports
Division 101. Airports - General Authority
Division 102. Airports for Municipalities of 500,000 or More
Division 103. Airports for Municipalities of Less Than 500,000
Art 11 prec Div 104. Harbors and Watercourses
Division 104. General Authority Over Watercourses, Wharves and Levees
Art 11 prec Div 105. Public Land Dedications
Division 105. Acceptance of Public Land Dedications
Art 11 prec Div 106. Exhibitions on Public Property
Division 106. Exhibitions, Entertainments On Public Piers
Art 11 prec Div 107. Bridges, Viaducts, Tunnels, Ferries
Division 107. Bridges, Viaducts and Tunnels
Division 108. Ferries and Toll Bridges
Art 11 prec Div 109. Drains, Culverts, Cesspools, Sewers
Division 109. Regulation of Culverts, Drains Sewers and Cesspools
Art 11 prec Div 110. Flood Control and Drainage
Division 110. Drainage By Special Assessment
Division 111. Drainage Improvement Districts
Division 111.1. Removal of Stream Obstructions
Division 112. Taxes for Levee Purposes
Division 113. Surface Water and Sewage Removal Tax
Division 113.1. Stormwater Management Tax
Division 114. Levee Improvement Commission
Division 114.1. Flood Insurance Rate Maps
Division 115. State Aid in Flood Control
Division 115.1. Municipal - Federal Flood Control Projects
Art 11 prec Div 116. Monuments and Memorials
Division 116. Monuments for Soldiers, Sailors, Distinguished Personages
Art 11 prec Div 117. Municipal Utilities
Division 117. Construction and Leasing of Certain Utilities
Division 117.1. Terrorism Prevention
Art 11 prec Div 118. Heat, Power and Light Services
Division 118. Revenue Bonds to Construct Heating Plants
Division 119. Revenue Bonds to Improve Light and Gas Plants
Division 119.1. Joint Municipal Electric Power Agencies
Division 119.2. Joint Municipal Natural Gas Agencies
Art 11 prec Div 120. Transportation Systems
Division 120. Transportation System Tax
Division 121. Subway System
Division 122. Street Railways
Division 122.1. Contract For Privately Owned Local Transportation System
Division 122.2. Regional Transportation Authority
Art 11 prec Div 123. Harbors and Terminals
Division 123. Harbor and Terminal Facilities
Art. 11 prec Div 124. Water Supply and Sewage Systems
65 ILCS 20. Revised Cities and Villages Act of 1941.
Article 21. Optional - City Of Chicago
Adoption Of Article
City Officers
Powers Of The City Council
Election Of Aldermen
Nonpartisan Elections
Redistricting City Into Fifty Wards
Local Transportation Companies
65 ILCS 25. Mayoral Election Validation Act.
65 ILCS 30. Village Election Validation Act.
65 ILCS 35. Village Incorporation Validation Act.
65 ILCS 40. Town Incorporation Validation Act.
65 ILCS 45. Municipal Tax Validation (1989) Act.
65 ILCS 46. Municipal Validation Law of 2002.
Article 5.
Article 10.
Article 99.
65 ILCS 50. Municipal Clerk Training Act.
65 ILCS 55. Municipal Federal Grant Tax and Bond Act.
65 ILCS 60. Delinquent Special Assessment Act.
65 ILCS 65. Chicago Delinquent Special Assessment Act.
65 ILCS 70. General Assistance Tax Act.
65 ILCS 75. Senior Citizen Property Tax Refund Act.
65 ILCS 80. Municipal Tax Compliance Act.
65 ILCS 85. Municipal Electric Refunding Revenue Bond Act.
65 ILCS 90. Municipal Wastewater Disposal Zones Act.
65 ILCS 95. Home Equity Assurance Act.
65 ILCS 97. Neighborhood Security Patrol Act.
65 ILCS 100. Sports Stadium Act.
65 ILCS 105. Shore Lands for Park Use Act.
65 ILCS 110. Economic Development Project Area Tax Increment Allocation Act of 1995.
65 ILCS 115. River Edge Redevelopment Zone Act.
Article 5. (This Article is compiled at 70 ILCS 519/)
Article 10. River Edge Redevelopment Zone Act
Article 90. Amendatory Provisions
Article 900. Severability; Effective Date
65 ILCS 120. 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games Act.
Article 1. 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games Act
Article 5. Olympic Games and Paralympic Games (2016) Law
Article 10. Olympic Public Safety Law
Article 15. Olympic and Paralympic Trademark Protection Law
Article 20. 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games Professional Licensure Exemption Law
Article 25. Illinois 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games Shooting Competition Exemption Law
Article 99. Effective Date